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Floriade 2012

From April 5 to October 7, 2012, the sixth edition of the Floriade organized, this time at Venlo. Floriade World Horticultural Expo is once in ten years in the Netherlands. Participants, including countries, (horticulture) companies and governments, let visitors to Floriade enjoy 'world's most beautiful and rare flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruits. But Floriade 2012 has more to offer. Every day a cultural program with music, dance, literature, theater and visual arts from around the world. A unique experience that you must have experienced, just 9 km from Residence La Vie en Rose and perfectly with the bike.

As of April 17, 2011 to October 2011, it is possible to create a unique look at the construction of the World Horticultural Expo to get. Floriade funicular (largest, highest and longest cable car in the Netherlands) is open. More information at


Just outside of Lottum you can find the Houthuizermolen. Starting in the middle ages Lottum was in the possession of both a wind and water mill. The Houthuizermolen as we now know it, originates from the French occupation round 1800. In 2008, the mill was rebuilt in its original state. In the spring of 2009 the mill was operational again, reopened and can now be visited using guided tours.

Classical music on location

On unexpected and picturesque spots which have historically, culturally or architectonically important, in the months July and August, concerts are organised. Dutch soloists and ensembles with a successful international careers or foreign musicians that come over especially for one concert display their talent. It guarantees an event where you can listen to top musicians of international fame, making music on surprising spots. For the calendar of 2009 we you refer to

The village Steyl

The small Vatican, that is now called Steyl, with its many large monasteries.

The taste of art route

In the summer months you can drive the ‘taste of art route’ by bicycle or car. An initiative of galleries, restaurants, sculpture gardens and a shipping company. In short: enjoy the region with art, nature and nice food.

Nationally war and resistance museum Overloon

Freedom cannot be taken for granted. That is the message of Liberty Park in Overloon. In the museum, situated in this beautiful and wooded park, you will experience the occupation and the persecution, but also the resistance and D-Day. And, of course, the Battle at Overloon during the liberation of the southern part of the Netherlands. As a visitor, you are invited to think about war and oppression. How far are you allowed to go when the issue concerns keeping and, if need be, winning back freedom?.


The Odapark is an ambitious and unwilling centre for national and international renewing and contemporary art. The Odapark is an 19 hectares large woody, silence area of exceptional beauty of the landscape. Component of this landscape is a picture park. Wide 60 sculptures of contemporary artists stand. In the heart of the park the 100 years old renovated tea house stands. Beside the regular exhibition programme of contemporary art the Odapark organises a large multidisciplinary art event with a leading topic for the two years.

Rozenhof Lottum

In the middle of in Lottum lies ‘Rozenhof’. This is a show garden with only Dutch top roses, the very best roses, and to provide all information to visitors on the queen of the flowers.

Rosarium and rosaries in Lottum

The Rosarium Lottum is a show garden of 70,000 m. ². Suitable address for quality roses. In the roseries stand from early in the summer to late in the autumn thousands of roses thrive. They invite to a walk, so that you can make your choice to fragrance and colour for construction of your own rosery or border. In the garden centre you find an assortment roses pot grown, as well as innumerable other garden plants.

Museum ‘de Locht’ - nationally asparagus and agarics museum

The museum is housed in an old barn that was originally built elsewhere and rebuilt here in the traditional way. It shows the old and modern methods of cultivating these products. Historical, biological, economic and culinary aspects are also dealt with. The exhibition is elaborately illustrated by texts and videos. Regularly, Sundays old crafts are demonstrated. On every last Sunday of the month bread is baked in the old bakery.

Castle ‘De Borggraaf’

Just hundred metres from résidence La Vie en Rose lies the smallest castle of the Netherlands, the ‘Borggraaf’. The East gable dates from 1555, according to the wall anchors. The cellars from 13th or the 14th century. It is unfortunately not possible to visit the inside of the castle.