Surroundings - Attractions

Strawberry Country

In ‘strawberry country’ those who are font of strawberries will have fun. Here you find fields filled with delicious sweet strawberries, but also a strawberry museum, a garden with almost forgotten old races of strawberries, a strawberry pie bakery, a strawberry pharmacy and a field where you can pick (and nibble!) your own strawberries.

Blue berry farm: Hayberries

Beside asparagus also the blue berries are a real regional product. At Hayberries you can learn more of this blue delicacy. You can enjoy delicious blue berry products like blue berry pie, blue berry ice cream, blue berry juice and blue berry wine. In the harvest season it is possible to pick your own blue berries.

Distillery ‘de IJsvogel’

‘De IJsvogel’ is an old-fashioned distillery, which brews its own alcohol, beer and wine. One distils there own gins, bitter and liquors.

Hertog Jan brewery

Résidence La Vie en Rose has a specific band with the Hertog Jan brewery in Arcen. The ‘Vriendenkring’ beer (as Hertog Jan was called in former days) was brewed on the historical ground of résidence La Vie en Rose. A visit to the Hertog Jan brewery is more than worth while. Here you can experience the process of brewing beer ‘live’. In the bar ‘de Proeverij’ you can taste the beer. For further information on the rich beer history of résidence La Vie en Rose click here. For further information on the Hertog Jan brewery:

Castle gardens in Arcen

Visit the most beautiful gardens of the Netherlands and imagine how they were in former times in the secular castle.


At the ‘Paddestoelerij’ you come to know everything concerning growing all kinds of mushrooms. Also (cook) demonstrations are given and you can of course taste.

Toverland Sevenum

All weather amusement park.

Zoo Parc Overloon